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Online showroom

Thanks to the 360 tour, you can now visit our showroom digitally. We always advise our customers to visit our showroom in Best or else keep a close eye on our website for newly arrived items.

360° tour

Visit our showroom online

Antique Louvre Shutters

Antique Louvre Shutters

Visit our attractive showroom for our current offerand extensive range of Antique Louvre Shutters

Naar Shutters

Visit our attractive showroom for our current offer and extensive range of Antique Louvre Shutters

See Shutters

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360° Tour

Become A Reseller At Empire

At Empire we have an extensive range of unique, vintage items. We have over 20 years of experience in the business and have served customers all over the world. Every month we receive a brand new supply of the most beautiful antique items. As a reseller, you get the opportunity to become our new distribution partner and you can shop from our special range.

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Visit our showroom online

New Items

Antike handwerklich gefertigte Türen, die als Schranktüren verwendet wurden.

Schlanker Esstisch aus weißem Akazienholz mit passender Essbank. Das straffe Bein ist aus schwarzem Metall gefertigt. Die Abmessungen sind für den Tisch LxBxH 220x90x77 und 200x90x77 cm. Die Bank hat die Maße 200x40x45 cm.

Antikes Fenster mit Spiegeln. Die Abmessungen betragen HxB 210x160 cm.

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About Empire Interior & Exterior

Welcome to Empire, we are a B2B wholesaler of antiques and old building materials. We purchase our products on a worldwide level; our enthusiastic buyers travel over and over again to look for the most beautiful antique products. For rural, retro, vintage or antique products that can give a complete new twist to your interior or exterior, Empire B.V. is the place to be. From Louvre panels and old panel doors to orangery doors and balcony fences; we have it all!

Visit our showroom

In our website you can view all our products from your own home. That certainly has its advantages, but if you have the time, we would like to invite you to our new 4500 m2 showroom in Best. Here we have all our authentic products conveniently displayed. It is truly a valuable experience to walk through our showroom.

A visit to our showroom is also particularly useful if you have specific questions, so that we can discuss these with you personally while enjoying a cup of coffee. Do you have a specific project in mind or can we help you with something else? Our interior specialists are happy to think along with you! We understand that you can use some advice from a team of experts when you make a major purchase. It also happens quite often that our customers have seen one or more products in our website, and would like to experience them first before making a purchase. A visit to our showroom is then an excellent idea..


About Empire Interior & Exterior

Empire stands for quality, uniqueness and internationality. Our wholesale business focuses on B2B. We have been around for 25 years and we have customers worldwide. Thanks to our sales experience, we have a large network which allowes us to purchase special and unique products at competitive prices.We ensure the quality by first refurbishing all items, before they arrive at our customers. We have a wide range of antique items and building materials that are distinctive from other companies. Our range includes: antique building materials, vintage cabinets, showcases, counters, home accessories, ship items, lighting bars and much more.

Of course we know that it’s not easy for everyone to come to North Brabant to visit our showroom, so you can always reach us by phone.

Prepared for a second round

All our furniture and antique products are carefully checked upon arrival in our warehouse and refurbished where necessary. The products we purchase all have a unique story to tell and in our opinion deserve a second life. By purchasing vintage products, you also contribute to a more sustainable environment. A lot of products are just too valuable to destroy and can after all still have another chance to be used!

We have beautiful bar furniture, an old counter, a wrought iron gate and even old jugs and vases.

What can we do for you?

If you have browsed through our collection and have not quite found what you were looking for, no problem! First of all, our collection changes constantly, which means that your favorite product might be among them during the next round. It is therefore always useful to keep track of our website. In addition, you can place a request with us for furniture or items that you have not seen in our collection and that you are interested in. We will then simply ask our buyers to find your dream products!

It is even possible to have custom made furniture, because we understand very well that ‘standard’ sizes are just not always convenient. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll arrange it for you.

What about deliveries? 

We deliver our products all over the Netherlands, within two weeks and by appointment. We even have the possibility to ship abroad. Want to know more? Ask for the terms and conditions!